Youth in COVID and Post-COVID society

A quarantine webinar entitled “Youth in COVID and Post-COVID Society”, organized by
Alatsatianou Sofia.
Main speakers:
Bojan Kordalov, Communications Specialist. Coordinator of Program for Media and Digitalization
of IDUEP / President of Digital Transformation Councill
Vlasios Vlasidis, Associate Professor at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki
Contemporary Balkan History and Communication and Media in the Balkans
We discuss the influence of the pandemic in youth, new communication techniques they
developed in order to stay productive, and the challenges of the post-COVID era.

The above action, project, or interview took place in the context of the Balkans in-site informal youth group of which Theodora Vounidi and Annia Korneeva were co-founders. This has been granted with common consent to the Balkan Youth Cooperation since it has been carried out by its founders and volunteers.

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