Youth Skills Seminars in Southeastern European topics 

Seminars were structured to focus on three main skills: research skills, negotiation skills, and storytelling-public speaking skills.

Participants engaged in interactive workshops, practical exercises, and collaborative projects to develop proficiency in these areas. The program included sessions on conducting effective research, analyzing and synthesizing information, and presenting findings with clarity and credibility. Additionally, participants learned essential negotiation techniques, strategies for effective communication, and conflict resolution skills. Finally, they honed their storytelling abilities and practiced public speaking to effectively convey their ideas and engage audiences. The seminar’s structure aimed to provide a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience, empowering participants with the tools they need to excel in research, negotiation, and storytelling-public speaking domains.

A project by Balkan Youth Cooperation & Association of International & European Affairs, in cooperation with Storymentor and hosted by European Parliament Liaison Office in Athens

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