Webinars on Research Methodology

Webinars on research methodology organized in cooperation with Pelagonia Association!

In these webinars, young scientists from Greece and North Macedonia learn how to write a short scientific paper properly!

The participants from both Greece and North Macedonia, speak Greek fluently.

*Pelagonia Association is based in Bitola, North Macedonia. Their main goal are:

  1. Cooperation with cultural, educational, and civic organizations from North Macedonia and Greece.
  2. Organization of certified Greek language courses.
  3. Organization of exams to obtain an internationally recognized certificate of proficiency in Greek.

The above action, project, or interview took place in the context of the Balkans in-site informal youth group of which Theodora Vounidi and Annia Korneeva were co-founders. This has been granted with common consent to the Balkan Youth Cooperation since it has been carried out by its founders and volunteers.

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